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Titan Shaft, Easter Sunday - 4/4/2021 07 Apr 2021 13:25 #20305

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Well after a day of rest following a trip in Rowter Hole on the previous Friday the opportunity arose to be a flash monkey or donkey maybe, whilst some impressive photos were taken in various places around the shaft. So I was literally laying eggs on Easter Sunday! 
Titan is a very impressive place at the best of times but when illuminated with enormous flash strobes and even bigger flash bulbs it is one hell of a place for a split second.
The place was rigged with over 800metres of rope for a scanning and film project and this Photo trip was piggybacked onto that meaning 4 routes down the hole were roped up, 2 on the trade route and 2 hanging from the apex of the aven way above the eyehole window that Titan is usually approached from. I was certainly glad not to be de rigging that lot after a day of hanging around with 2 large, expensive looking, flash units paired up and absolute beasts to aim around while dangling in fresh air - at least its an excuse to have your eyes shut. MadPhil was tasked with firing off the Big Donger which he'd had previous experience of dangling betwixt his legs (in China) and all the while the young contingent were having explosive times at the base of the shaft with live flash bulbs. 
Quite an experience - thanks to Lisa for inviting me as a stand in at the last minute and Marks usual photo team for being very welcoming.

About 7 hours, maybe more underground.
Stu W and Lisa Wootton from the YSS.
We had walkie talkies to contend with too.

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