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YSS SRT FacilityThe YSS SRT facility is designed to replicate the sorts of rope-based scenarios that a caver might encounter underground and provides the opportunity to practise these on the surface rather than in the more inhospitable underground environment. It has been designed to meet all necessary standards with regular inspections carried out by suitably-competent individuals.

The YSS SRT facility is volunteer run and available for use by members and non- member guests, as well as others who are not staying overnight.
The facility is generally available by pre-booking on a first-come, first-served basis, but the YSS reserve the right to limit usage on any given day to members only. This will generally be during monthly Committee Meeting weekends.

Bookings are available each day in three sessions of four hours each and are made by contacting This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. In the first instance this is best done via the form at www.yssuk.com.

Professional Use

Professional use (which we define as use by anyone being paid for their time or skills) is welcome, but only after prior approval obtained during the booking process.

As members of the British Caving Association Public Liability scheme, the club is covered for the use of the SRT Facility by its members and guests. However, this cover does not extend to the risks associated with professional instruction. Therefore if members or guests wish to use the services of an instructor, this must be authorised by the Club on each specific occasion. Use will normally be authorised provided the instructor agrees to the standard operating procedures and, crucially, provides evidence of appropriate liability insurance for their activities. In this respect the Club normally expects liability insurance cover of at least £2 million.

YSS SRT FacilityCharges

A small charge will be levied to non-members for use of the facility. The intention is for users to make a fair contribution towards running costs, rather than for the Club to make a profit. The charge is currently £5 per head per session but this will be reviewed regularly and subject to change.

The charge includes the use of the kitchen and toilets.


Anyone wishing to book will need to refer to the User Procedures & Risk Assessment document, Good Practice Notice and the relevant Registration Form below;