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SRT Wall Booking Form

SRT Wall booking form
Please read the Terms & Conditions of use before booking. The SRT Facility is available daily from 9am until 9pm. Please note that outside these hours it is alarmed.

Non-commercial use - up to 1 hr - £2, up to half a day - £3 (with a 50% reduction for overnight guests)
Commercial use - £5 per person per 4-hour session (sessions 9-1, 1-5, 5-9)
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Terms and Conditions of booking

  1. Booking Requests are handled by a human and will not lead to an instant response. Please allow 24 hours and, exceptionally, maybe more.
  2. Please make payment either by transfer or cheque payable to “YSS” (Details will have been sent in a separate email to you upon completion of this form).
  3. We do not charge a deposit, however, we do request you confirm numbers and attendance 7 days prior.
  4. Payment is normally made for the actual numbers using the SRT facility.
  5. Extra guests will be accepted if there is room. Please contact the SRT bookings secretary if you wish to increase numbers.
  6. All first-time users are required to complete a Registration Form either before arriving at the Facility, or if not on arrival. If you do not agree to the conditions on the form, you will not be allowed to use the Facility.
  7. Guests are required to show respect for other groups; this includes sharing the facilities, ensuring the facilities are reasonably tidy. The facility is to be left in a condition appropriate for subsequent guests. Any damages must be paid for and a cleaning levy will be charged if the facility is left in an unacceptable state.
  8. The facility can be used between 9am and 9pm only. Any use outside these hours will trigger an alarm and appropriate action will be taken by the YSS Committee.
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