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The YSS SchoolThe Yorkshire Subterranean Society (YSS) enjoy an active core of members and it isn't all about caving, we have climbers, divers, walkers, cyclists and diggers amongst the group.  You name it and its going on in our club. 

There are many club organised caving weekends, with a mixture of easy and difficult caving.  Over the past few years we have given lots of people the opportunity to experience caving with our "Try Caving" events.  These are quite popular and quite a few people have subsequently joined the club. 

We have YSS members caving most weekends so it is easy for new cavers to tag onto the easier caving trips and find people to help with more training.

There have been plenty of YSS led caving expeditions around the world.   This year (2014) some of our cavers went to Felix Trombe, France.  In 2009 the YSS ran an expedition to the Vercor to undertake various caves, and canyons, we even managed a bottle or two to unwind!!!  The clubs previous expedition in September 2008 was to Illumina (BU56). It was organised by our expedition-organising guru Colin Gray along with Jason Mallinson. The expedition was a success with Jason diving into new territory and other members of the team improving the rigging in the caves and removing old rubbish.

The YSS tend to be a club of stealth, we don't stand and shout about it, but just ask around - we are out there in various small groups and in larger groups at organised meets.   Its not all hard work as there is a good social aspect to with social nights, social media and the pub. 

In the YSS we are very proud of our Hostel (known as "The School") as it offers some of the best bunkhouse accommodation in the Dales at a reasonable price in a good location....