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Mo Hole (2 September 2023) 06 Sep 2023 20:54 #21539

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With the last minute cancellations on the "Experience Caving" weekend, we (I) decided that it might be time to look at one of the caves that was missed from the meets list earlier in the year. 
With TC about we had a chance to do it with someone who knows the cave. Quicker than a blink of the eye Lucasz was off to join the novices, leaving 3 of us to look at this West Kingsdale gem. 
We packed a couple of bags and headed up the hill with TC leading the way. We went straight to the cave and were eager to get underground and out of the heat. 
Again TC took the lead, disappearing down a grim looking hole, closely followed by Phil with me bringing up the rear. 
It certainly was a grim hole leading to an awkward traverse and a tight climb before things got worse in the connecting passage to the first true pitch. The first pitch was quite pleasant, I can't remember the second pitch and could not get down the third pitch. I returned slowly to the surface, leaving the others to complete the expedition. 
Apparently there was a tighter pitch head lower down, perhaps it was a good job that I stopped at the third pitch!
Phil got to the bottom, TC stopped a little above it (he had been there before & didn't see the point).
TC reappeared at the surface after 2h20 and said that he was not going to go that again (until next time), Phil reappeared 10 minutes later having derigged. I think he enjoyed the experience having just completed the Berger (apparently the French caves aren't as good as a trip in the Dales). 

Team: TC, Phil & Dave.
Time: 2h20, 2h30 & 1h00.

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Mo Hole (2 September 2023) 20 Sep 2023 17:03 #21548

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It's a pity you didn't fit Dave, 'cos the cave does get better further down. The big pitch is quite dramatic, though the pitch head is a struggle. It isn't that it is especially tight, just awkward to get from vertical to horizontal. It really needs higher anchors for the traverse line so that there is something to pull on. Maybe I'll sort it the next time I go down .....must be nearly into double figures for me now!

I did struggle a bit on the day. I assume the result of a year out of serious caving, rather than being another year older!!
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There are many club organised caving weekends, with a mixture of easy and difficult caving.  Over the past few years we have given lots of people the opportunity to experience caving with our "Try Caving" events.  These are quite popular and quite a few people have subsequently joined the club. We have YSS members caving most weekends so it is easy for new cavers to tag onto the easier caving trips and find people to help with more training.


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